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Here you can find details on all of Lara's weapons from Tomb Raider Legend and the classic Tomb Raider games. Some details are opinionated, if you think I'm way off on any of them, let me know and I'll change it.

This page will soon be updated to include Anniversary and Angel of Darkness details.


Games: 1-5,7   Power: Low   Speed: Medium   Accuracy: Medium

You will have these at the start of most Tomb Raider games. They shoot at a moderate rate, but are not very powerful. The best thing is that they have unlimited ammo, so are good for shooting at enemies when you have good cover.

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Games: 1-5,7   Power: High   Speed: Low   Accuracy: Low

The shotgun is much more powerful than pistols but slower to reload and not very effective at long range. Ammo is common and doesn't burn up too quickly. The shotgun is ideal for slow enemies that take a lot to kill such as bears.

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Submachine Gun

Games: 7   Power: Medium   Speed: High   Accuracy: Low

The SMG is a high powered weapon with a fast rate of fire. In terms of both accuracy and range it is not as ideal as the Assault Rifle, but can still be used to quickly take down a small troop before they can stop you.

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Assault Rifle

Games: 7   Power: Low   Speed: High   Accuracy: High

The Assault Rifle is a highly accurate weapon that can kill an enemy in seconds. It also has a much longer range than the standard pistols, which means that you can use it to kill enemies without having to get to close to them.

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Grenade Launcher

Games: 2,3,4,7   Power: High   Speed: Low   Accuracy: Low

The grenade launcher is one of Lara's most powerful weapons, each packing enough blast to take down multiple enemies at once. The grenades take a moment to explode so this isn't ideal for fast or flying enemies.

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Rocket Launcher

Games: 3   Power: High   Speed: Low   Accuracy: Medium

Tougher than the grenade launcher and easier to hit with. But sadly the ammo is rare, so you should still save it for big level bosses.

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Games: 1,2,3,4,5   Power: Low   Speed: High   Accuracy: Medium

A fast firing weapon, ideal for speedy enemies like wolves, and perfect against flying enemies. Damage/Time they kill quicker than the shotgun, but ammo burns up more quickly.

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Games: 1,2,3,4,5   Power: Low   Speed: High   Accuracy: High

A very fast firing weapon with incredible accuracy. Takes a short time to aim so not suitable for weak fast enemies, but very good for any slow enemies, flying enemies or bosses. Ammo burns up quite quickly so avoid wastage.

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Games: 1,2,3,4,5   Power: Low   Speed: High   Accuracy: High

Similar to the M-16, but this rapid-firing weapon is easier to use then its predecessor. Jumping around while firing is possible unlike with the usual larger weapons, making it a good choice for most enemies.

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Harpoon Gun

Games: 2,3   Power: Low   Speed: Low   Accuracy: Medium

The only weapon that you can use whilst swimming. Although useful at times, it is a weak weapon and often it is easier to dodge the enemy than try to kill them. You can then climb out of the water and kill them safely with your pistols.

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Games: 1   Power: Medium   Speed: Medium   Accuracy: Medium

A more powerful version of the pistols. They take down enemies at a much faster rate and are therefore an ideal weapon for any enemy that poses a threat but isn't quite tough enough for using the uzis or shotgun.

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Automatic Pistols

Games: 2   Power: Medium   Speed: Medium   Accuracy: Medium

A bit slower than the Uzis, these automatic pistols may come in handy because they're still quick. There is plenty of ammo throughout the game and it doesn't burn up too fast.

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Desert Eagle

Games: 3,5   Power: Medium   Speed: Medium   Accuracy: Medium

A weapon that's both strong and quick. Spare its ammo for the tougher fights, when several baddies strike at once. In TR5, it can be combined with the Laser Sight.

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Games: 4,5   Power: Medium   Speed: Medium   Accuracy: Medium

Similar to the Desert Eagle, it's a quick and strong weapon. Ammo should be spared though, because it's also most useful to shatter a number of targets throughout the games - crucial to proceed in the levels. Can be combined with the Laser Sight.

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Crossbow (normal ammo)

Games: 4   Power: Low   Speed: Low   Accuracy: High

The weakest of the 3 crossbow ammo types, normal arrows cause little damage and should be saved for non-threat situations. When using the crossbow with the laser sight this is usually the ideal choice of ammo type.

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HK Gun (sniper mode)

Games: 5   Power: Low   Speed: Low   Accuracy: High

The weakest of the 3 HK Gun modes, sniper should only be used when taking out enemies from a safe distance with the in-built laser sight. Try and use this mode as much as possible to conserve ammo.

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Games: 7   Power: High   Speed: High   Accuracy: High

Lara's most powerful weapon to date, and although it looks like a sword, it fires energy blasts making it just as effective as any other weapon at long range. There is no ammo limit, so whilst you have this there is no need to use any other weapon.

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