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Lara grabs the box and carefully opens it to see a pair of guns. They looked to be new. In the box was a card, but Lara didn’t care much about that. She examined her new guns with caution not knowing if it is loaded. Lara laid the guns down back into the box and struggled to get up. She clenched her side as she rose from the bed and fell to her knees. She crawled to the door and grabbed on to the doorknob to help her up. She toke a deep breath and walked up onto the deck of the ship. As she realizes how bright it actually was outside she squinted her eyes so they could adjust to the light better. She walked over to the ships side and leaned to the side to feel the mist of ocean touch her warm face. The salty air was refreshing compared to the stuffy cabin. Her eyes were now used to the suns warm glare as she looked over to see Kimmy Koe sitting on a lawn chair. She seemed to be really relaxed as she sipped her drink sitting next to her and laid back to view the ocean. Lara walked up to Kimmy and said “Hey Kimmy, how are you”?
Kimmy didn’t even look away from the ocean as she said “I’m doing great. I’m very calm today”.
Lara nodded her head then sat down on a lawn chair beside her. Lara then mentioned “I don’t mean to be nosey and all, but how come you and Milo have an arranged marriage”?
Kimmy looked at Lara as if she was from outer space. Kimmy then said “Is it any of your business”?
“Well yes. I have to listen to everyone who is on this ship with Milo and his father to make sure that they aren’t apart of the airplane incident”. Of course Lara was lying. She was only asking out of curiosity.
Kimmy sighed and turned her body to face Lara “Well, Milo’s family has had arranged marriages for centuries. You can not meet your partner until you have 10 months before the wedding so if they had any disagreements, they could settle them. Me and Milo, well, we don’t really get along that much and we only have 2 months before the wedding. We have a choice either to get married or not, but the only reason he is doing this is for my families reputation. If I don’t bring it back, the rein of the Fermium’s will have ended because of me. I don’t want that weight on my shoulders”.
Lara nodded for her to continue.
“I’m the only blood left of the Fermiums and If I fail this… I fail my family. When I and Milo get married we will both own 200 billion, in US dollars, as a couple”.
“Wow…that’s a lot of money. How much will you receive for your family”?
“Not sure. I only know I’m getting a good amount to restore my family honor. We will then divorce and go on with our lives”.
Lara stood up and said “Thanks for cooperating with me Kimmy. It was a great talk”.
“It was”.
Lara started to walk away when Kimmy said “Lara? Would you like to join me and Milo’s family for dinner tonight”?
Lara smiled and answered “Yes. I would. Thanks for the invite”.


Lara walked into the dinning room only to see a huge table almost filled with people. Lara looked around to see if she could find a familiar face. No, no one yet. She leaned up against a wall waiting for a friend to show up. Someone finally did. Milo walked into the room with a huge bowl with what looked to be a salad in it. He turned to see Lara and made a weird face while asking “Lara, what are you doing here”?
Lara answered somewhat confused “Kimmy invited me. I will leave if….”
“No, no, no. Please stay. I just didn’t expect to see you here”. Milo sat the bowl down and walked with Lara over to two seats. He pulled out her chair and then sat in the one next to it. Lara asked “So how has your evening been going”?
“Not too shabby. Nice living quarters, nice crew, awesome friends. The only thing I haven’t still gotten used to was the waves”.
Lara giggled and then said “Wow, but I thought since your father owns almost a hundred boats that you would have been on one already”.
“I have, just haven’t tried them on huge waves like these”.
“How are things with Kimmy”?
Milo sighed and then glanced away while saying “Not too good. I sometimes think she only wants to marry me for the money. She isn’t the girl I met at first”.
“I’m sorry for asking. I jus…”
“It’s ok Lara, really. I’m glad you asked. I needed to get that off my chest”.
“You don’t have to lie you know”.
Milo grinned. Then Kimmy Koe walked into the room looking for a place to sit. There were only a couple of seats open so she chose the one closest to Milo (which wasn’t that close). Dinner started 20 minutes later, starting with enough food to feed an army. Then for dessert it was Crème Duvon which is just a rolled up flaky pastry croissant and filled with chocolate cream. Kins stood up and coughed to get everyone’s attention to say “Thank you for coming this evening. I would like to make a toast to the bride and groom”. Lara then thought that this had to be an engagement party. They all stood up and lifted up their glasses to toast to Milo and Kimmy Koe. Then Kins added “Also, I want to thank someone for saving my life when I really needed it most. Lara Croft… please stand up”. Lara stood up and then nodded to thank Kins. She sat back down and continued to eat the yummy pastry.


Lara walked down to her cabin and went to change into her night time clothes when all of a sudden a person in a black mask grabbed Lara’s hair and put a knife to her neck. Then the stranger said “We meet again Lara, seems I’ve got the upper hand this time”. Lara struggled trying to grab the persons arm but then the person picked her up from her hair and shoved her head on the bed. Lara felt like she was suffocating. She was running very low on breath. Then she kicked her back leg up and kicked the person on the knee. As they fell, Lara gasped for breath and leaned up against the bed post. The person got back up and ran towards Lara. She reached under her bed and picked up her knife. Lara thrusted the knife at the masked persons outer left leg. The person fell to their side as Lara then grabbed the knife from the persons leg and held it to their throat. Lara said while breathing heavily “Who are you and what is your business here”?
The person leaned up against a wall behind them at said “Why in the world should I tell you”?
“Because I have a knife and you might want to answer quickly”. She drew it closer to their throat.
“OK! I work for S. I have no idea what the initial stand for but they asked me to get rid of you”.
“What does this person get from killing me”?
“I don’t know! I was only hired to kill you”!
“We didn’t meet. So I suggest you leave or you will get what I’m going to give your boss”.
He got up and ran out the door. She walked up after him and saw 5 other masked people on deck. Lara watched as her ‘new friend’ approached someone and pointed towards her. They all turned towards Lara and pointed their guns at her. Lara then dashed down to her cabin to grab her new guns. She looked and saw that they were loaded. She ducked beside her bed waiting for them to come down. All she heard was screaming and yelling above. So Lara walked slowly up the stairs and saw them take Milo and his father aboard a helicopter. Lara dashed towards them but was stopped by someones foot tripping her. Lara glanced up to see the helicopter take off. She looked around and saw no one around. She carefully got up. Lara walked around the ship with gun firmly in hand. Then the Captain walked around the corner. Lara was startled and held the gun towards him. The Captain jumped and held his hands up. Lara then said “Oh, I’m very sorry. Milo and his father were captured and I was awake when it happened”.
The Captain put his arms down while mentioning “Oh my gosh. I was asleep throughout this. Where are they going”?
“I have no clue but I saw them heading towards some mountains over the horizon”.
“They must be heading towards the caves hidden under the mountains”.
“How do you know about this”?
“It’s an old folk tale, but I have heard of men going there when they are trapped in snow storms”.
“Well it’s worth a shot, do you know where in the mountains it is”?
“Deeply hidden. It will be very tricky to find”.
Lara sat on a lawn chair on the side of the ship. She wandered how Kimmy would take it. She then laid back and tried to forget about all the trouble she has gotten herself into. She then thought “Maybe I can look for some way to contact Zip and Alister”. Lara went to walk to her cabin, until she heard the Captain yell “THEY ARE HEADING FOR KINS”! Lara ran up to the front of the ship and asked “How did you find out”?
“I accidentally intercepted their radio conversation and heard them saying that they are taking them to the Palace”!
“Thank you so much. Now I don’t have to make another trip”.
“We will be there very soon”.
Lara dashed downstairs and put on her black tank top with her camouflage shorts. She then braided her hair and got her weapons together. She then heard something buzzing, like a vibration. Lara glanced in her backpack to see her digitech buzzing! She answered.
Zip said in relief “LARA! Thank heavens you’re alive. Me and Alister have been trying to reach you for days”!
“Well I’m alive and kicking. I will have to go soon. Someone kidnapped Milo and his father Kins and is taking him to the Palace”.
“AWWWW! That’s sad. Anyways, need anything from me and Alister”?
“Umm I will find my headset and get you guys hooked up”.
Lara dug through her bag as she rustled through weapons and items. She then picked up and attached the head piece to her ear and then turned it on.
“We are here and ready to help whenever we can”.
Lara smiled and then turned on the camera. She walked up to the deck where she sees Kimmy crying. Lara walked over and put her hand on Kimmys shoulder while saying “You alright Kimmy”?
Kimmy flung her arm around trying to get Lara’s hand off of her shoulder while saying “NO! I just lost my soon to be husband”! Tears streamed down her face as she leaned over the ships railing. She sighed and then asked “Do you have any idea where he is going”?
“Yes, and I’m going to bring him back. He’s going to his father’s palace”.
“Why there”?
“I’m not sure. We heard them say they were heading there”.
“We? And who is they”?
“The Captain heard it actually but the people who captured Milo are heading to the Palace”.
Kimmy gripped her hands over her face and ran off towards her cabin.
Zip remarked “Well it was great to meet you Kimmy. BYE”!
Lara giggled as she sat on a lawn chair. She sighed and waited to be at the palace.


The Captain yelled “WE’RE HERE”!
Lara looked up and ran towards the ships side to see many people walking around with their children and friends. The city was so colorful and had a variety of shops and games going on. Lara waited for them to dock until she heard the captain say very loudly “You’re going to inspect my boat”? Lara ran and hid downstairs as she heard a very familiar voice. “I want you to find that girl and bring her to me NOW”!



Thanks for reading and sorry it took 4ever to get this in. My life has been so hectic. So comment please and HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT!!!!


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Posted by nikki0187701 on 29.08.08

Sorry about the all of those weird squares in the story. I didn't put those there and hopefully this will be fixed soon :D

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