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Raider Storm is a site where you can share your Tomb Raider fan creations, earn credit for your efforts in the form of Raider Points, get feedback on your work with the Comment feature and meet other people who love Lara Croft as much as you do.

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Is registration safe?

Raider Storm uses a highly secure server with encrypted passwords so all your info is completely safe. Information will never be given out, if you are worried about your email address being added to directories you can hide it from 'Options' in your Control Panel.

Why can't I log in?

If you can't log in please try these:

-Ensure that your browser allows cookies, this can usually be changed from your browser's (internet) options.
-Be sure to be entering the correct password. You can click 'forgot password' to have a new one sent to the email account associated with your account.

Can I have more than one username?

Please do not create multiple usernames, if you want to change your username you can do so from the Options page in your Control Panel.

Any attempt to use multiple usernames to bypass site restrictions (e.g. the daily submission limits) will be considerred a breach of the site rules and possible suspension of the user's accounts.

What is the difference between General sections and Image sections?

General sections are Flash, Osiris Levels, Fanfics, TRLE Tutorials and Quizzes. Image sections are Images, Screenshots and Custom CCG Cards. Both types of sections are similar, but have some key differences:

-General sections can by identified in the gallery by a logo, wheras Image sections display a thumbnail of the image.
-Only General submissions can be selected for your Profile submissions.

Why can I only submit 10 things every 24 hours?

This is to stop people submitting lots of junk and clogging the system up before I can stop them. Also, I'd prefer to have people regularly submit things rather than submit all their work at once.

How come it says I've used up more submission slots than I've actually used?

As a security measure to prevent people bypassing the submission limit by creating multiple accounts, the limit also takes into account your IP address. If another user of the site shares your IP address (for example, somebody else that lives in your house) then their submissions will use up the same slots as yours..

Can I be a site admin?

Don't bother asking, the answer will always be no. If I feel the need for a new admin, I'll ask who I feel is most suitable for the position.

What is the current site time?

The site runs at GMT (+00). The current site time is 21.59. Note that when logged in you can customize the time zone from your Options in the Control Panel.

Why is the site in Beta and how long will this last?

The site is in Beta because some parts of the site that I feel are key parts of the design are currently not fully or even partially functional. I am hoping to make these updates and have the site out of beta by late 2009.

Any other questions? Email me!

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