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Welome to the Flash section of Raider Storm. Here you can find the webs largest selection of Tomb Raider Flash, including both games and movies. If you can use Flash, try and make your own to score at least 60 RP! They all require Flash Player 8 or higher to be played, if you are unsure please check your version here and upgrade here.

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Curse of Osiris

Creator: Mark
Size: 4.30 mb
Origin: 20.11.06
(Pt.2) Take Lara on a worldwide quest to break the Curse of Osiris.

Wrath of Osiris

Creator: Mark
Size: 2.73 mb
Origin: 01.07.06
(Pt.1) Lara raids an Egyptian tomb on a quest for the Amulet of Osiris

The Iris - Part 2

Creator: External
Size: 1.48 mb
Origin: 24.09.05
Part 2 of the futuristic Tomb Raider adventure

The Iris - Part 1

Creator: External
Size: 1.63 mb
Origin: 24.09.05
Introduction to a futuristic Tomb Raider adventure

Raider Rush

Creator: Mark
Size: 1.88 mb
Origin: 16.08.05
Fast Paced arcade game where you must collect coins and dodge spikes.

Bloody Rage

Creator: External
Size: 1.01 mb
Origin: 25.06.05
Beat-em-up featuring Lara Croft and other popular characters. Contains Violence.

Tomb Raider Onslaught

Creator: Mark
Size: 1.79 mb
Origin: 15.06.05
Shooting game that pits Lara against several old enemies. Contains Violence.

Word Hunter

Creator: Mark
Size: 0.71 mb
Origin: 09.05.05
A collection of Tomb Raider wordsearches

Lara Creator

Creator: Mark
Size: 0.53 mb
Origin: 14.02.05
Mix and match Laras body parts to create your own Lara Croft

Next Generation

Creator: External
Size: 0.42 mb
Origin: 18.01.05
Dodge enemies and collect treasure in this fun platform game

Load it like Lara

Creator: External
Size: 0.13 mb
Origin: 22.12.04
Collect lucozade bubbles whilst dodging Brain Drains

Land Rover Challenge

Creator: External
Size: 0.21 mb
Origin: 22.12.04
Ride Laras jeep through tough terrain

Nova Quiz

Creator: Mark
Size: 0.49 mb
Origin: 22.12.04
Simple Tomb Raider quiz

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