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Welcome to Raider Storm, a very different kind of Tomb Raider site. If you're looking for the latest media on the next Tomb Raider game or in-depth strategy guides and walkthroughs for the games, you're at the wrong place! Raider Storm is a place for fans of the games to showcase their Tomb Raider related creations to others, share feedback and ideas and earn credit for their work.

Active since 2002, the great community here at Raider Storm have built it up into one of the largest collections of Tomb Raider fan work on the net. Show the world how much of a fan of Lara Croft and her adventures you are, join up and show us what you've done!

Why register?

Although you can access all the content of the site without registering, you lose out on a lot of the features. As well as being able to submit your own content, you can rate leave comments, post on the Message Board, add Raiding Partners and have access to a lot of new features not available to unregistered members.

Registration is completely free, this site only earns money from the ads so you will never have to pay for extra features. It only takes a second to register, just click 'Register' in the menu, enter your desired username, email and password, and you're done. Raider Storm uses a highly secure encrypted database so registration is completely safe.

What are Raider Points?

Raider Points (aka RP or just 'points') are the points that you earn for helping the site. You can get RP from many different things, such as submitting your fan work, voting on submissions and winning contests. The Total RP is made up of Submission Points, Core Points and Affiliate Points.

Submission Points are made up of the points that you earn for submitting your fan work to any section of the site. Some of these give an amount of RP that varies depending on how well your submission scores, wheras some give a fixed amount. Every section has its own FAQ so you can see how many points you get for submitting to it.

Core Points are made up of any bonus points you earn in contests, keep any eye on the main page for details.

Affiliate Points are points earned from bringing more people into the site. Find out more details about this including your personal site link by clicking 'Affiliates' in your Control Panel.

What are Raider Levels?

Your Raider Level is determined by how much RP you have, and can be seen from your User Profile page, or by hovering over your logo at the top right of any page (this will only be updated after visiting your User Profile page though). These are the boundaries for each Raider Level:

0 RP- Beginner
100- Archeologist
500- Explorer
1,000- Treasure Hunter
2,000- Adventurer
3,000- Tomb Raider
4,000- Veteran Tomb Raider
5,000- Champion Tomb Raider
7,500- Master Tomb Raider
10,000- Ultimate Tomb Raider

You gain a new piece of Equipment every time you level up. These grant you special (and secret) abilities that can be found out by clicking the equipment. Do not tell others about unlocked abilities!

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